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Neck Lift Surgery | Morehead City & Jacksonville NC

Neck Lift

Does your neck show your age? During the aging process, gravity takes over and excess skin and sometimes fat develops giving a sagging, older appearance to the neck. If you are self-conscious of your neck, a neck lift may be for you. This surgery can take years off by creating a subtle change that can go unnoticed by everyone but you.

A neck lift consists of a combination of procedures that alters the appearance of your neck. A Cervicoplasty removes the excess skin, a Platysmaplasty changes and/or tightens the muscles in your neck, and Liposuction removes any excess fat. During your evaluation, Dr. Klainer will determine the best procedures to meet the desired result.

How a Neck Lift is Performed

Preparing for Neck Lift Surgery

During your consultation with Dr. Klainer, he will outline how you should prepare for surgery. Generally, you will need to avoid certain medications that act as blood thinners and can cause increased bleeding. If you smoke, there will be a four-week period that you cannot smoke. Two weeks before the surgery and two weeks after is recommended to make certain there is proper healing. Proper diet is also important to help the healing process. Plan to wear a shirt that buttons on the day of the surgery to avoid pulling it over your head when you are ready to head home.

After Neck Lift Surgery

Dr. Klainer will discuss with you a recovery plan. You will need to take off at least a week to two weeks from work following surgery. You will need pillows for sleeping to prop up your head during the first week after your procedure. It is also recommended to have someone stay with you for at least the first 24 hours.

To learn if a Neck Lift is right for you, call 252-222-5888 to schedule your consultation with Dr. Klainer.