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Tattoo Removal Laser | PicoSure® Laser System | Jacksonville and Morehead City, NC

Tattoo Removal Laser | PicoSure® Laser System | Jacksonville and Morehead City, NC

Regretting decisions made by a younger you? You don’t have to live with tattoos you don’t want anymore. The innovative PicoSure® Laser System at Carolinas Center for Plastic Surgery can get rid of tattoos in fewer treatments than other options. Find out if PicoSure® can help you at one of our Morehead City or Jacksonville, North Carolina, offices.


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Effective Tattoo Removal in Fewer Treatments with the PicoSure® in Jacksonville and Morehead City, NC

Do you have a tattoo that doesn’t fit you anymore? Maybe it doesn’t represent your personality or is getting in the way of career advancement. Body changes as you age can also negatively affect the look of older tattoos. Whatever your reason, PicoSure® can put your tattoo in the past.

The PicoSure® laser is the world’s first aesthetic picosecond laser. This advancement dramatically increases the speed by which the laser energy is delivered, resulting in tattoo removal in fewer treatments with less risk of side-effects. PicoSure® also creates less heat than conventional lasers thereby decreasing damage to the surrounding area.

The laser breaks up the ink into microscopic particles, which are harmlessly and naturally absorbed into the body. It works will all skin types and easily breaks up all colors, even dark blacks, blues, and greens.

Free your skin from unwanted tattoos. Schedule a consultation at our Jacksonville or Morehead City, North Carolina, office to learn if PicoSure® can help you.

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Is PicoSure the right laser treatment for me?
PicoSure is an incredibly versatile laser treatment that quickly and effectively removes ink of all colors on all skin types, making it an excellent tattoo removal option for most patients.
How many treatments are needed?
No two patients will have the same experience. Tattoo removal takes an average of 4-10 treatments depending on the size, colors in the tattoo, and patient’s natural skin type. Follow up procedures are typically scheduled 8-10 weeks after the initial treatment.
What does the procedure feel like?
The lower heat of the PicoSure® laser makes it much more comfortable than older treatments. A numbing cream will be used to reduce the already mild discomfort.
How long does treatment take?
Treatment time can vary based on the size of the treated area, but the procedure lasts about 10 minutes for most patients.
How long do the results last?
Tattoo removal is permanent.
Is PicoSure safe?

Like any procedure, the safety depends on going to well trained, experienced providers. Dr. Klainer has over 20 years of experience with lasers and is a national instructor for Cynosure.

Both he and his staff will make every effort to make sure that you have the safest treatments possible. The PicoSure laser uses a unique method of delivering the energy, creating less heat and thereby decreasing the potential for damage to the surrounding tissues or natural skin pigments.

Is there recovery time?
There is little “recovery time.” The treated area may be sore for a few days but the discomfort, if any, is easily treated with Tylenol or Ibuprofen. Instructions on how to take care of the treated area will be given at the time of your visit. Your skin will temporarily be more sensitive to sun damage after treatment. Therefore, it is important to avoid prolonged sun exposure when possible and use SPF 50+ sunscreen when outside.

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