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Facial Implants/Chin Surgery | Jacksonville and Morehead City, NC

Chin Surgery, otherwise known as Mentoplasty, is a surgical procedure to modify the profile of the patient’s chin, most often by the use of a facial implant to increase the profile, but sometimes by reduction of the bone to decrease it.

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Facial Implant / Chin Surgery in Jacksonville, NC

In Chin Surgery the more commonly performed Chin Augmentation procedure is accomplished by the insertion of a specially shaped silicone facial implant through an incision either under the chin or through the mouth. A number of different sized facial implants are available, and the most appropriate for the patient’s anatomy and the desired result is selected by Dr. Klainer during the surgery. The facial implant is positioned and secured in place at the front of the jaw deep into the chin’s soft tissue. Once Dr. Klainer is satisfied that he has achieved the best possible profile, the incisions are closed, normally using dissolvable sutures. The facial implant procedure usually takes one hour or more.

Chin Surgery is one way to create a much more harmonious balance between your primary facial features. On its own, or in conjunction with facelift surgery, the outcome is a stronger, better defined and more natural looking jawline and overall facial profile, often resulting in a boost to your self-confidence.

Interested in facial implants, but still not sure? Dr. Peter Klainer offers facial implant pictures to give you an idea of what to expect.

Facial Implant / Chin Surgery Downtime & Discomfort:

Before undergoing Chin Surgery and for your safety, you may be required to undergo a medical evaluation or lab tests. Depending on your situation, new medications may be introduced or current medications adjusted. Dr. Klainer will discuss these possibilities with you prior to either a facial implant or chin surgery procedure. All patients are required to stop smoking well in advance of the surgery date and avoid taking aspirin, anti-inflammatory drugs, and herbal supplements as they can increase bleeding. Dr. Klainer will discuss these matters in detail as well as anesthesia to be used at your pre-op facial implant or chin surgery consultation.

Following the insertion of a facial implant or Chin Surgery, some swelling and bruising with feelings of numbness and altered sensitivity are normal. Your neck may feel tight especially when turning from side to side, and a pulling sensation are all normal during the healing process. To minimize any bruising or swelling DO NOT bend or lift and avoid all strenuous activity for seven to ten days. One week after facial implant/chin surgery you will visit Dr. Klainer for a post-op consultation at which time he will remove your stitches (if any have been necessary!).

A moderate degree of pain and discomfort can be expected from facial implant/chin surgery, but this can be easily managed by medications. Should you have any concerns regarding this procedure, do not hesitate to contact Dr. Klainer immediately.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Dr. Klainer will determine which type of facial implant is best for your features and desired results during surgery.

Some swelling and bruising is to be expected post facial implant/chin surgery, as well as numbness and sensitivity. Tightness in the neck may also be expected. This should dissipate over time.

Avoid lifting, bending and strenuous activity for seven to ten days after facial implant and/or chin surgery. A follow-up consultation is required to evaluate your progress and remove stitches if any.