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See Before and After Pictures of Tattoo Removal With the PicoSure® Laser

Published on March 29, 2019 by
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How well does tattoo removal actually work? One look at some before and after pictures puts the answer into ink. All of the patients pictured below underwent a laser tattoo removal procedure with Carolinas Center for Plastic Surgery and the results speak for themselves. We use PicoSure® Aesthetic Laser Treatment to remove unwanted tattoos and restore a fresh clean look to your skin. The PicoSure® laser skin treatment works in just a few easy-to-follow steps:
  1. The laser uses PressureWave technology to administer short pulses that break apart the ink into tiny particles, which are then quickly, safely, and naturally absorbed by the body. A numbing cream will be applied to the area to minimize any discomfort.
  2. A boost of collagen and elastin production help to tighten the skin in the targeted area.
  3. The tattooed pigment is removed without causing any damage to the surrounding skin.
About 8-10 weeks will pass between your initial treatment and your first follow-up session. Depending on the size and darkness of your tattoo, it may take several laser treatments to fully remove the ink, but each session lasts only about 10 minutes. Check out some before and after pictures below to see how we’ve successfully removed unwanted tattoos and restored the skin to its natural look.

Tattoo Removal Before and After Photo Gallery

The PicoSure® is the world’s first aesthetic picosecond laser and eliminates unwanted tattoos in fewer treatments than other types of laser removal services. It uses less heat than other types of lasers, which means less discomfort during the procedure and less damage to the surrounding skin. Even darker colors and older tattoos can be successfully removed. There’s also nearly no recovery time necessary and you can resume your regular activities on the same day as your treatment. Schedule a consultation for your desired tattoo removal in either Jacksonville or Morehead City, NC. Tattoos differ in size, age, colors, skin tones, and locations on the body so a consultation is the only way to know what to expect in terms of cost and procedure. Contact us today and start erasing the past.
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