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What You Need to Know About the PicoSure® Laser Treatment

Published on December 20, 2017 by
woman showing off her smooth skin following a picosure tattoo removal treatment
Carolinas Center for Plastic Surgery always strives to offer our Jacksonville and Morehead City, North Carolina, patients the latest and most cutting-edge treatments and procedures. That’s why we’re proud to introduce the new PicoSure® laser. This advanced laser aesthetic system puts beautiful, blemish-free skin within reach by removing tattoos and treating acne scars. Learn more about how the PicoSure laser system can help you clear up your skin.

Comfortable Laser Tattoo Removal and Acne Treatment

A majority of existing tattoo or pigment removal treatments utilize high heat lasers to break up the ink and color in your skin. By increasing the pulse rate of the laser to the picosecond level (one trillionth of a second), the PicoSure laser does the job faster and with less heat. The lower heat level allows the PicoSure laser remove pigment and ink with almost no damage to the surrounding area. It also makes treatment far more comfortable than other options — most patients experience minimal to no pain. The PicoSure® laser is suitable for a variety of treatments. These include:

Laser Tattoo Removal

Over time our bodies and our tastes change. The tattoo that you loved when you first got it may no longer work well with your body or fit in with your current personality. Maybe you never loved the tattoo to begin with. Whatever your situation, the PicoSure laser quickly breaks up the ink in your skin into small particles to be absorbed by your body. It even takes care of trickier colors like deep blues and greens. The high pulse speed of the laser also increases effectiveness, requiring fewer treatments than conventional laser tattoo removal procedures. Learn even more about our procedure for tattoo removal in Morehead City

Pigment Removal

The same treatment that works on ink works just as well on natural skin pigment. This makes the PicoSure laser the perfect choice to get rid of unwanted freckles, sunspots, and dark spots on your skin.

Laser Acne Scar and Wrinkle Treatment

Pigment removal isn’t this laser’s only trick. It also promotes the production of elastin and collagen, resulting in smoother skin. This makes it an effective tool for high-quality laser acne scar treatment. PicoSure also eliminates wrinkles to help you revitalize your skin and appearance. Ready to get started on your path to refreshed, clear skin? Contact Carolinas Center for Plastic Surgery to learn more, or schedule a consultation at our Jacksonville or Morehead City, North Carolina, office to find out if PicoSure is right for you. Visit our plastic surgeon in Jacksonville, today. 
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