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How You Can Get a Natural Appearance from Your Breast Augmentation

A close up of a woman's chest in a sports bra

Breast augmentation is an excellent way to boost your confidence and get the look you’ve always wanted. Many women have reservations when deciding whether or not they should get breast augmentations, though. No one wants the obvious “worked on” look.



Should You Choose Liposuction or a Tummy Tuck for Your Ideal Shape?

girl measuring her waist

  Getting your ideal body is a long and challenging process. Even when you get to your target weight, stubborn fat deposits or loose skin can keep you from your desired shape. Fortunately, plastic surgery options can help you reach


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Plastic Surgery Can Complete Your Look After Dramatic Weight Loss

girl holding jeans out to show her weight loss

  Losing weight is a major challenge and a positive step toward better health. However, after losing a dramatic amount of weight, you may notice some changes in your body you don’t like. Skin, stretched by the fat will sag,


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Which Facial Surgery is the Best Choice to Improve your Look

young woman with a clear face looking into distance

Facial plastic surgery can be an excellent way to get the look you’ve always wanted and appear years younger, and today there are many options for safe, effective reconstructive surgeries. However, since plastic surgery is such a big decision, you


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The Truth Behind Liposuction Myths: Learn How it Can Help You


  Liposuction is the second most performed surgery in the United States, and with its ubiquity comes repeated misconceptions. If you think liposuction can help you achieve your ideal body, it can be useful to eliminate some of the most


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Big Decisions: The Cosmetic Surgery Recovery Process

doctor talking to patient

  Welcome to Carolina’s Center for Plastic Surgery’s final topic in our blog series “Big Decisions: Is Cosmetic Surgery Right For You?” Last week, we went over how to prepare in the days and weeks leading up to your surgery.

Big Decisions: Preparing For Your Cosmetic Surgery Procedure

lines on a girls tummy

  We’re back with “Big Decisions: Is Cosmetic Surgery Right For You?” at Carolina’s Center for Plastic Surgery. Last week, we talked about one of the biggest questions people have about plastic surgery: “What is my consult going to be

Big Decisions: What to Expect At Your Plastic Surgery Consult

doctors with clipboard

  Welcome back to “Big Decisions: Is Cosmetic Surgery Right For You?” with Carolina’s Center for Plastic Surgery. In our last installment, we discussed one of the most important plastic surgery topics: how to conduct proper research as you make


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Big Decisions: What to Research Before Your Cosmetic Surgery

research looking glass

  Welcome back to “Big Decisions: Is Cosmetic Plastic Surgery Right For You?” with Carolina’s Center for Plastic Surgery. Last week, we gave you a better understanding of elective plastic surgery by defining cosmetic plastic surgery, and exploring the benefits


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Big Decisions: Understanding Cosmetic Plastic Surgery

Beautiful woman touching her face

At Carolina’s Center for Plastic Surgery, we want our blog to serve as a resource to you for education, interaction, and entertainment. We are always happy to hear your ideas for blog topics, or hear questions you have that we


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