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How You Can Get a Natural Appearance from Your Breast Augmentation

Published on August 4, 2017 by
A close up of a woman's chest in a sports bra
Breast augmentation is an excellent way to boost your confidence and get the look you’ve always wanted. Many women have reservations when deciding whether or not they should get breast augmentations, though. No one wants the obvious “worked on” look. When you have it done right, you don’t have to worry about the final result. We want to dispel the myth and explain how an expert handles this surgery.

Will My Breasts Look Natural After My Augmentation?

The answer to this question depends largely on what you want out of your surgery, and the surgeon you choose. When you work with a qualified and experienced surgeon, like Dr. Klainer at Carolina Center for Plastic Surgery, you can get an attractive breast augmentation that will be indistinguishable from natural breasts.

What Does a Natural Breast Implant Look Like?

There are several factors at play in making a breast augmentation appear natural. Typically, you want your breasts to:
  • Be proportional to your body size and shape
  • Be soft to the touch
  • Have a “teardrop” shape
  • Have the nipple as the most projected part of the breast

How Do I Get a Natural-Looking Breast Augmentation?

As previously mentioned, finding an excellent, board-certified plastic surgeon is the most important step. When researching doctors, make sure they provide pictures of previous patients. These will give you an idea of what you can expect from your breast augmentation. It is also important to be open to suggestion. Not every breast augmentation fits every body. A good surgeon will take your body shape, proportions, and lifestyle into account when making recommendations. Although the final choice is yours, being receptive to your surgeon’s recommendations can help you get the best possible results. Often, choosing implants that are too large can result in an unnatural appearance. In addition to looking disproportionate to the body, oversized breasts can cause long-term back pains.

Other Things to Consider

The size and shape of the implant aren’t the only factors contributing to the appearance of the breast. The location of the incision also has an impact on the look of your breasts. Incisions are typically made:
  • Under the breast, called inframammary augmentation
  • Under the arm, called transaxillary augmentation
  • Under the nipple, called the periareolar augmentation
A periareolar augmentation is usually recommended because it’s the least noticeable. The placement of the implant also affects the look of the breast, with placement below the chest wall resulting in a more natural appearance. Dr. Klainer at Carolinas Center for Plastic Surgery in Jacksonville, North Carolina, has years of experience performing natural looking breast augmentation. Learn how Dr. Klainer can help you with a consultation.
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