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Aftercare Tips for Laser Tattoo Removal

Published on April 26, 2019 by
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Laser tattoo removal aftercare is an important part of recovery. Because the procedure is minimally invasive to begin with, following the aftercare rules will help to heal your skin quickly and evenly. To learn more information about laser tattoo removal aftercare, see what Dr. Klainer has to share about the process.

How to Care for Your Laser Tattoo Removal Post Treatment

Protecting Your Skin After Treatment

You’ll want to keep a non-stick pad over the tattoo throughout the entire healing process and avoid excessive sun exposure between treatments. When sun exposure is unavoidable, apply a broad spectrum sunscreen of SPF-30 or higher to protect the treated area. Any discomfort may be relieved with cool gel packs or acetaminophen. If blistering occurs, keep the area moist by applying Aquaphor® 3 times per day or antibiotic ointment per recommendation of your physician.

Cleaning After Tattoo Removal

Keeping the tattoo clean is the best way to avoid any irritation or infection. Clean the treated area daily with mild soap and water and pat dry. While the skin is still damp, apply a thin layer of Aquaphor® ointment to the treated tattoo area. Apply moisturizers for sensitive skin as needed to help with crusting of the skin.

The Don’ts of Laser Tattoo Removal Aftercare

Whether in recovery or between treatments for laser tattoo removal, it’s important to remember to follow the directions of the aftercare process. Swimming and hot tub use are prohibited for at least 48 hours post-treatment. You’ll also want to avoid rubbing or scratching the treated area. If crusting of the skin is evident, shaving is not advised.

What to Do If You Have Sensitive Skin or Are Breakout-Prone

For patients who are prone to breakouts, consider waiting 24 hours before applying any topical products. Avoid rubbing the tattoo area and apply sensitive products when the time is right. Contact our facility if irritation or sensitivity continues to occur.

Schedule Laser Tattoo Removal Today

Understanding proper laser tattoo removal aftercare makes the treatments easier and safer. If you’re ready to have a tattoo removed, contact us at Carolinas Center for Plastic Surgery to schedule your consultation today. We’re happy to serve you in the Jacksonville, Morehead City, and Wilmington, North Carolina, areas.
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