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When Will You Need to Replace Your Breast Implants?

Published on February 2, 2018 by
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Thousands of women choose breast augmentation as a permanent and natural-looking way to get the bust they want. But how permanent are breast implants? There is a commonly accepted idea that breast implants need to be changed out every 10 years. Is this true? Dr. Klainer, your Morehead City and Jacksonville plastic surgeon, is here with answers.

Will I Need to Have My Breast Implants Replaced By My Plastic Surgeon in Jacksonville?

For the majority of women, the answer is no. The only reason you would need to have your breast implants replaced is if you have become unhappy with them or have experienced some complication. Breast implants, like anything else, will not last forever, but they do last longer than you may think. So what are the chances of complication or failure? The risks increase the longer the implant has been in, but the failure rate is still very low. According to a 2011 FDA study, 20-40% of women have reoperations within 10 years of getting their implants, and most of these procedures were revisions and not full replacements. The risk of complication is slightly higher in women who have had reconstructive breast implant surgery as opposed to cosmetic surgery.

Breast Implant Revision

Even if you don’t have a complication, you may still want to get your breast implants replaced or revised. Sometimes body changes over time make it so that the augmentation is no longer proportional. Your tastes and desires for your appearance may have just changed, making a different size seem like a better fit. Whatever reason you have for wanting a revision, it is a quick and simple procedure that can be performed through the original incision point. Still have questions about breast augmentation? Reach out to your Jacksonville and Morehead City plastic surgeon. Schedule an appointment with Carolinas Center for Plastic Surgery or contact us at (252) 222-5888.
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