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Beauty Trends That Will Help You Reach Your Goals in 2019

Published on February 12, 2019 by
  Personal coaches, magazines, and fitness trainers alike agree that the top beauty trends to try in 2019 hinge on planning and booking self-care activities and treatments. Lots of us say we’re going to treat ourselves to beauty treatments or products and then realize in July that we haven’t done any. We’ve come up with a couple of ideas that you can use to achieve your beauty goals for the year.

2019’s Top Beauty Trends

Schedule Self-Care Appointments

Start by identifying the beauty trends you enjoy but forget to schedule or things you’ve always wanted to try. Next, look at your budget and be realistic about how the cost of procedures and products on your list. Let’s say you’d like to have a monthly facial and you’d like to try a few different types of facials. Research your favorite providers and see if they have bundle packages for money savings. If you find that your beauty aspirations don’t meet your budget, that’s okay. The internet is full of do-it-yourself masks, scrubs and facial ideas that use superfoods and common household ingredients. The key is to schedule your home-based self-care just as if you were headed to the local spa for a skin or waxing treatment.

Use Beauty Treatments as Rewards for Goals Met

Often beauty treatments feel like a luxury, so we talk ourselves out of doing them. But using beauty treatments as a reward for other goals cements them into the plan and creates excitement for reaching goals. Look at the list you made and compare the costs with your budget. Which treatments felt like splurges? Can you tie a few of them to bigger goals? An example might be rewarding yourself with cellulite laser treatment after you stick to 6 months of a workout plan. Both work toward your goal for a stronger, leaner body. Plus, the reward at 6 months will energize you for the second half of the year.

Self-love — Accept It or Fix It

In 2018, there were movements encouraging us to love ourselves, stand up for what we believe in, and embrace our femininity — both women and men. Most of us let go of at least one self-limiting belief or societal pressure that no longer fits our lives. But we’ve also come to realize that you can truly love yourself and still yearn for a physical change. Honesty is a huge component of self-acceptance. If you know you’re always going to hate that poorly chosen tattoo, a scar from childhood, cellulite, or even something as minuscule as uneven brows, then it’s time for a change. As dermatology and plastic surgery technologies advance, you have more noninvasive options to remove or restructure that annoying feature. In some cases, you’re overdue for a huge reward such as skin removal following massive weight loss. Your local Medspa can help you make your beauty and self-love a priority in 2019.

Follow Up on Your Beauty Goals in Morehead City

If you need help keeping up with the latest beauty trends, or you want to take advantage of our services, reach out to Carolinas Center for Plastic Surgery. We have offices in Morehead City and Jacksonville, NC, and we look forward to hearing from you.
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