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The Most Common Myths About Laser Skin Treatments

Published on February 12, 2019 by
There are many different types of laser skin treatments and just as many myths surrounding the practice. Unfortunately, misinformation prevents many people from obtaining the appearance they desire and the confidence they deserve. Below are five myths about laser skin treatment and the real truth behind them.  

The Truth About Laser Skin Treatment

Myth #1: Laser treatment weakens the skin.

Truth: Laser skin treatment removes the older, damaged cells found on the surface of your skin and makes room for new collagen to be produced underneath the surface. Laser skin treatment actually strengthens the skin by getting rid of the skin cells that are already damaged or dead and clearing the path for fresh and healthy ones to grow.  

Myth #2: Laser skin treatment causes skin cancer.

Truth: The lasers that are used for this kind of procedure are actually just a highly concentrated form of ordinary light and do not contain any radiation. In fact, according to the Skin Cancer Foundation, laser skin treatments can actually help treat pre-cancerous lesions and reduce the risk of developing skin cancer.  

Myth #3: Only fair-skinned people can have laser skin treatment.

Truth: Once upon a time, there was some truth to this. But technology has improved so much in the industry in recent years that now anyone can benefit from laser skin treatments, no matter their skin tone.

Myth #4: Lasers can cause burns.

Truth: Modern lasers use selective photothermolysis, which is a fancy word for “they only hit what they are designed to hit.” The lasers specifically look for and hit the damaged cells while leaving the others alone. The only skin cells that are being “burned” are the ones you’re trying to get rid of.

Myth #5: Laser skin treatment hurts.

Truth: Almost all patients feel nothing but a slight warmth of the skin during treatment. And if a more sensitive part of the body is being treated, there is an anesthetic cream available for use if needed.

Learn More About Laser Skin Treatment

To learn more about laser skin treatment and ask any further questions about how it all works, schedule a consultation with one of the professionals from Carolinas Center for Plastic Surgery today. The results from our laser skin treatments in Morehead City, NC, are no myth.