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Which Facial Surgery is the Best Choice to Improve your Look

Published on July 10, 2017 by
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Facial plastic surgery can be an excellent way to get the look you’ve always wanted and appear years younger, and today there are many options for safe, effective reconstructive surgeries. However, since plastic surgery is such a big decision, you should carefully consider which procedure is right for you.

Learn Which Facial Procedure to Get from Your Plastic Surgeon in Jacksonville, NC

Facial cosmetic surgery goes far beyond the well-known facelift. Here are some choices you can discuss with Dr. Klainer at Carolina Center for Plastic Surgery in Jacksonville, North Carolina. Once you’ve decided which procedure is right for you, you can learn more about what to expect.


Perhaps the most well-known facial procedure, a facelift undoes years of aging and gravity for a more youthful look. Facelift patients have small incisions made and then have their face tightened. Fat is also removed or relocated to achieve the desired shape. Facelifts are more invasive than most facial surgery options but have longer-lasting effects. Younger patients may prefer the slightly less invasive mini facelift.

Forehead Lift

If your trouble area is your forehead or brow, consider a forehead lift. Maybe you would like to smooth out some forehead wrinkles, or frown lines give people the wrong impression about how you’re feeling. As with facelifts, there are different forehead lifts of varying degrees. Dr. Klainer can help you decide which would benefit you the most.

Eyelid Surgery

Sagging eyelids can make you seem tired and are an indicator of aging. Eyelid surgery can help give you a more youthful, enthusiastic look. The upper eyelids can be lifted and tightened, and lower eyelid bags eliminated.

Chin Implants

If you’ve always wanted a stronger chin, mentoplasty may be right for you. This plastic surgery option can increase your chin in profile for a more powerful look or fix facial proportions. We are also able to decrease jaw size.

Neck Lift

The neck area is another place where lots of people show their age most. Fat and loose skin can cause sagging. A variety of different neck surgeries can be used to remove loose skin, tighten muscles, and give a more youthful appearance. Still not sure which plastic surgery is the right choice for you? Sign up for a consultation with Dr. Klainer. We can work with you to choose the right solution to help you achieve your desired look. Contact us at (252) 222-5888 to learn more.
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