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The Truth Behind Liposuction Myths: Learn How it Can Help You

Published on June 9, 2017 by
  Liposuction is the second most performed surgery in the United States, and with its ubiquity comes repeated misconceptions. If you think liposuction can help you achieve your ideal body, it can be useful to eliminate some of the most prevalent liposuction myths with the Carolinas Center for Plastic Surgery.

Correcting Some Common Liposuction Misconceptions

Liposuction is a cosmetic procedure that reduces and removes deposits of fat cells around the body. The focus of this treatment is areas that won’t respond to traditional means of weight loss. Knowing more about liposuction can help you decide if it is right for you.

Liposuction is a Good Replacement for Diet and Exercise.

Myth: Since liposuction removes fat, it is a great quick fix for obesity. Truth: Liposuction is not meant as a weight loss method, and is not intended to replace regular diet and exercise. The ideal liposuction patient is already almost at their target weight and has a few trouble areas that aren’t slimming down through natural methods.

The Operation Will Leave Major Scars

Myth: It is surgery, so of course it will cause scarring. Truth: Although there will be some, modern methods of liposuction create minimal scarring. In fact, Smartlipo® at Carolinas Center for Plastic Surgery creates tiny incisions, making almost imperceptible scars.

Fat Will Come Right Back Somewhere Else

Myth: Liposuction is a temporary solution. The fat will come right back somewhere else Truth: Liposuction doesn’t just remove fat, it removes fat cells. These fat cells do not get replaced, meaning your body will keep the same shape. Any new weight gain will be distributed evenly and not concentrated in areas that have not received treatment. If you keep up your regular weight maintenance routine after the procedure, you should keep your shape.

A Tummy Tuck is the Same Thing as Liposuction.

Myth: Both of these are different names for the same procedure. Truth: Although both operations have the same general goal and are often performed at the same time, they are very different. A tummy tuck is the removal of fat and skin around the stomach area. The goal of the tuck is to also deal with excess skin from weight gain. Your surgeon from Carolinas Center for Plastic Surgery can help you decide if either or both procedures are right for you. Learn more about Smartlipo from our blog, or contact us at (252) 222-5888 team for an appointment at our Morehead City or Jacksonville, North Carolina location.  
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