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Big Decisions: What to Expect At Your Plastic Surgery Consult

Published on May 16, 2017 by
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  Welcome back to “Big Decisions: Is Cosmetic Surgery Right For You?” with Carolina’s Center for Plastic Surgery. In our last installment, we discussed one of the most important plastic surgery topics: how to conduct proper research as you make your decision. Before that, we talked about the definition of plastic surgery, as well as its benefits and possible consequences. This week, we’ll share some helpful information about what life will look like once you’ve chosen a plastic surgeon you think is right for you. We’ll explore the process of an initial consult and scheduling your surgery.

Your Plastic Surgery Consult in Morehead City and Jacksonville

By the time you meet your surgeon, you’ll have done plenty of research, and you’ll likely have a few questions you need to ask at your consult. Before you leave home for your consult, remember the following:
  • Bring your list of questions. It’s easy to forget what you wanted to ask, so it’s easiest to have it already written down.
  • If you are considering breast or body procedures, wear clothing and underwear that is easy to remove.
  • Have your medical history information ready.
When you arrive at the physician’s office, you’ll fill out new patient forms as you wait to be invited into the office. Consider whether you feel like you are being properly attended to, and if your wait time was acceptable. Once you are taken into an exam room, you will likely meet with a nurse or patient coordinator before you meet your surgeon. It’s a great idea to befriend this staff member, as they may be your easiest point of contact when your surgeon is not directly available. Following the nurse’s assessment and questions, you will meet your surgeon. While you are in the room with your surgeon, and during the physical exam, ask yourself the following questions:
  • Do I feel like this surgeon understands my areas of concern, and my goals?
  • Have I heard all the options for meeting my goals?
  • Does this surgeon have a personalized plan for my surgery?
  • Do I feel comfortable and confident moving forward?
Other important questions to consider are: where will my procedure be performed, and what level of anesthesia will I receive? Once you have your consult and meet your surgeon, you’ll make the biggest decision so far: are you going through with the procedure? If the answer is yes, it’s time to schedule your appointment, taking into consideration time off from work and recovery time. Be sure to schedule your appointment at a time when a family member or friend will be able to assist in helping you to and from your appointment, and be available to help in the first few days of your healing process.

Next Week: Preparing For Your Cosmetic Surgery

So you scheduled your appointment. Now what? Check back next week for a helpful checklist of things to prepare for in the days and weeks leading up to your surgery. Thanks for reading this week’s installment of the Carolina Center for Plastic Surgery “Big Decisions” series.
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