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The Best Bras for Recovery & Comfort After Breast Augmentation Surgery

Published on March 24, 2017 by
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  It’s no secret that there are a lot of decisions to make when considering breast augmentation surgery. There is at least one important decision regarding recovery after surgery, and that involves the best style of bra to wear. Let’s take a look at some great options that help support healing and provide comfort.

Bra Options for Post-Augmentation Support

You’ve made all of the tough decisions and have gone through with breast augmentation surgery, but what now? One of the first decisions you’ll want to make involves which bra to wear during the recovery and healing process. There are typically two bra choices: a sports bra and a compression bra (also called a medical-grade after-surgery bra). You can also choose to go bra-less. Depending on the type of surgery you’ve had, your doctor may specifically recommend a certain bra or even suggest that you go without. Let’s take a closer look at these options. Sports Bras There are a number of different styles when it comes to sports bras, but in this situation, the best choice is the style that opens in the front. Some have zipper closures, while others have traditional bra clasps. Be aware that there are sports bras that contain underwire, and these should not be chosen when recovering from breast augmentation surgery. Doctors recommend purchasing the next size up from your current cup size, as it helps minimize discomfort. Brands like Champion and Danskin can be found at department stores, making them an easier choice, but there are plenty of other brands that offer front-closure sports bras as well. Typically, your doctor will recommend you wear these bras for up to eight weeks after your surgery. Medical-Grade Compression Bras This option is a specially made healing bra that mostif not allpatients are sent home in. Easy to put on and take off, this option offers a bunch of other benefits, too! A compression bra helps minimize swelling, improve blood circulation, and support quick and proper healing. Perhaps the best benefit, though, is that the compression bra helps to minimize the movement of your new implants. This bra is likely the most common and most recommended to patients because it helps to accelerate healing time after surgery and minimize the development of scar tissue.

Things to Consider When Bra Shopping

While it might seem like a simple thing to do, shopping for a bra after augmentation surgery shouldn’t be taken lightly. There are items to remember and consider when making your choice, and it’s also important to remember that what may work for one woman may not necessarily be right for another. Try different types of bras to see what is best for you. Remember to pay attention to comfort, fit, and whether there is pressure where there shouldn’t be. A simple standard approach is best when figuring out the best bra for your body and your needs.

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