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SmartLipo Vs SlimLipo

Published on October 5, 2010 by
I was recently told by a patient that she called a doctor’s office and was informed that SmartLipo is dangerous because it burns the skin while SlimLipo does not have that risk. I wanted to set the record straight. First, any laser if used incorrectly can cause burns. The most important thing is to find a doctor who is board certified and has experience with BOTH liposuction and lasers.
Now let’s discuss SmartLipo vs. SlimLipo. SmartLipo was the first FDA approved laser lipolysis system in the United States. It has gone through 5 generations of improvements since that time to both enhance patient’s results and improve patient safety. The SmartLipo MPX, the laser that I use, is actually a state-of-the-art 2 laser system. One of the lasers melts fat through heat, while coagulating small blood vessels thereby decreasing bruising. The other laser get absorbed by water, 20% of the fat cell is water and 60-70% of the deeper levels of the skin is water. This means that the addition of this laser increases fat cell destruction and stimulates collagen and tightens the skin. This combination therefore not only makes the results of the fat removal more even and more effective but it also make the skin texture better and the skin tighter.
SlimLipo claims to have a laser that is specific to lipids (fat). This means that the majority of the energy is absorbed by the fat cell and yes causes fat cell destruction. It also means that it is not well absorbed in hemoglobin (blood) or water and therefore is inferior in coagulating blood vessels and improving the skin when compared to SmartLipo.
What are we really looking for in adding lasers to liposuction? I don’t believe it is to help us, the doctors melt fat so it can be removed more easily, rather it is an instrument that can improve and refine the result, as well as shrink and tighten the skin.
If you believe in the science SmartLipo is the obvious choice when it comes to the use of lasers and Liposuction.