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SmartLipo Procedure Facts | Morehead City, Jacksonville NC

Smartlipo Procedure Description

Smartlipo® is a revolutionary advance in liposuction technology. It has all of the advantages of conventional liposuction while involving minimal incisions and using only local anesthesia. A benefit to Smartlipo is that it offers a significantly faster recovery time.

The New Smartlipo TriPlex is the next generation of laser lipolysis! This is the first and only laser to treat and destroy fat cells, tighten skin and enhance results using 2 different wavelengths (2 separate lasers working at the same time). The advantage is that one laser destroys the fat cells more efficiently while the second laser tightens the skin! The procedures are faster meaning less time in the operating room for the patient, while in the end getting even better results*.

Smartlipo allows for the long-term removal of unwanted and exercise resistant fat with little if any ‘downtime’. Smartlipo is safer and gentler than traditional liposuction and is done in Dr. Klainer’s office under a local anesthetic. Smartlipo has shown success for areas including the abdomen, ‘love handles’, inner thighs, outer thighs, neck, chin and upper arms*.

Smartlipo – Abdomen and Back

Smartlipo - Abdomen and Back BEFORE
Smartlipo - Abdomen and Back AFTER

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Smartlipo TriPlex is somewhat different from traditional tumescent liposuction in that it uses 2 small, high-powered lasers to melt fat from the treatment area. Additionally, Smartlipo’s thermal (heat) energy produces a tightening effect on the overlying skin, plus coagulates the small blood vessels decreasing postoperative bruising. Skin tightening is a desired improvement seen with Smartlipo TriPlex which may also reduce the need for more invasive skin reducing procedures. Compared to traditional liposuction, FDA approved Smartlipo TriPlex results in:

  • minimal bleeding
  • minimal bruising
  • minimal swelling
  • minimal discomfort
  • minimal downtime
  • smaller incisions
  • no stitches
  • minimal scarring
  • local anesthesia, not general anesthesia

Smartlipo TriPlex adds up to much better results – usually in a single one- to three-hour session. The best part is that all this can be done in Dr. Klainer’s office with simply a local anesthetic. Most Smartlipo treatments usually requires two days of downtime. Patients often resume normal activity, with the exception of strenuous exercise, as early as the same evening.

Smartlipo – Abdomen and Back

Smartlipo - Abdomen and Back BEFORE
Smartlipo - Abdomen and Back AFTER


Smartlipo - Abdomen and Back BEFORE
Smartlipo - Abdomen and Back AFTER


Smartlipo - Abdomen and Back BEFORE
Smartlipo - Abdomen and Back AFTER


Smartlipo - Abdomen and Back BEFORE
Smartlipo - Abdomen and Back AFTER

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The Smartlipo TriPlex® laser is in extremely high demand. In addition, Smartlipo has been featured in People Magazine, Good Morning America, Today Show and Access Hollywood.

Still unsure about liposuction or Smartlipo? Dr. Klainer offers both liposuction before and after pictures as well as laser Smartlipo before and after pictures to help you make the right decision.

Laser Smartlipo FAQ

Q: How is the fat removed with Laser Smartlipo?
A: A very small cannula is inserted through a small incision and the fat is removed using syringe suction.

Q: Who is a good candidate for Smartlipo?

  • Patients with good skin elasticity.
  • Patients who have tried other methods to eliminate fat including exercise, dieting, etc.
  • Patients who have areas of excess fat which is disproportionate to their body.
  • Patients in good health.

Q: Which areas can be treated with laser Smartlipo?

  • Abdomen
  • Hips
  • Flanks
  • Buttock
  • Love Handles
  • Knees
  • Inner and Outer Thighs
  • Chin/Neck
  • Chest
  • Arms

Q: How long is the recovery from laser Smartlipo?
A: Most patients can return to work in 1-2 days although there will still be swelling and bruising at that time*.

Q: What types of dressings are used?
A: Patients need to wear a supportive garment for 3-4 days continuously and the for 1 week part of the day.

Q: Will the fat come back after laser Smartlipo?
A: No, once the fat is removed it will not come back as new fat cells production stops after puberty. If you gain weight it will be proportionately distributed.

Q: What happens to the extra skin?
A: The skin will slowly tighten over 6-24 weeks. Although results may be seen earlier, continued improvement will be seen for up to 6 months.

Q: What type of anesthesia is used for laser Smartlipo?
A: The laser Smartlipo surgery is performed under local anesthesia or local anesthesia with oral sedation.

Q: Will laser Smartlipo remove cellulite?
A: No. Liposuction is not meant to improve cellulite, although some patients do see an improvement as their skin shrinks and tightens.

Q: Where is the procedure performed?
A: The procedure is performed at the office.

Q: How can I find out more about laser Smartlipo?
A: Dr. Klainer is available to discuss your options with with laser Smartlipo and your particular needs. Call for your free consultation today at 252-222-5888.

We offer free consultations, competitive pricing, and many years of experience.




Smartlipo (Laser Assisted Liposuction)

Smartlipo is a minimally invasive fat removal procedure which uses the focused power of laser energy to break up and dissolve fatty tissue trapped beneath the skin. By directing the energy to the area beneath the surface of the skin, the technique also encourages the development of collagen, which results in a tighter, more toned appearance overall.

The technique is especially popular because it requires no general anesthesia, and therefore offers a quick recovery time. Most can resume normal activities the day after the procedure. This procedure can be performed in a clean room right in our medspa where your body will be transformed in just a few hours.


  • Safer than traditional liposuction
  • Better than other laser liposuction brands
  • Short recovery time, 1-2 days
  • Only local anesthetic is used
  • Minimal discomfort
  • Tightens skin in treated area
  • Very affordable
  • Results are long lasting

The New Smartlipo Tri Plex is quite simply the best laser liposuction has to offer*. This is the first laser using 2 different laser energies working at the same time. The addition of the second wavelength gives the best tightening effect on skin. Unlike liposuction and older laser liposuction technologies, the Smartlipo MPX provides faster treatments and better skin retraction (tightening) for a more smooth, toned, and natural look.

Is The Fat Removal Permanent?
The fat removal will be longterm as long as you maintain a healthy lifestyle after the procedure. Any significant weight gain can result in the return of fat to the treated areas, as well as untreated areas.

How Is The Procedure Performed?
Prior to beginning Smartlipo, the areas to be treated will be carefully marked and a local anesthetic will be given to numb the area. Small inconspicuous incisions will be made where the laser and suction cannula will be inserted. Using a small, handheld device, the laser energy is directed toward the fat cells beneath the skin’s surface. As the laser energy is fired, the fat cells break apart and liquefy. Some of the fat is withdrawn at the time of treatment. Then, during the initial days following the procedure, the rest of the liquefied fat will be drained away by the body’s natural processes. The laser energy also encourages the growth of new collagen, which tightens skin and improves the overall appearance of the treated area. The laser energy also helps seal small blood vessels, reducing bleeding and subsequent swelling in the treatment area.

What Is The Recovery Like?
During the recovery process, there may be some minor discomfort for the first 24 hours following the procedure, which can be effectively treated with prescription or over-the-counter medication. Individuals may also experience minor and temporary bruising, which typically disappears within 2 weeks of treatment. Depending upon the area being treated, we may also prescribe the use of a compression garment to help in healing and to minimize swelling.

When will I begin to see results?
Once any initial swelling has resolved following the procedure, the treated area will appear tighter and more toned. The results will continue to improve within the first 6 to 8 weeks following the procedure, as the skin readapts to new curves and outlines. In most people, optimal results are visible at about 8 weeks following the Smartlipo procedure. Some people resume daily activities within 24-48 hours of having Smartlipo. Smartlipo is approved by the FDA.

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